Monday, November 13, 2017

Update Tuesday 14th

Athletics was cancelled today, so we managed to complete the Keeping Ourselves Safe program.
Today we talked about what good secrets and bad secrets were and what to do about bad secrets - tell a trusted adult.

Christmas Show

Year ones had a meeting about the show this afternoon.  It was decided that it would be more appropriate and easier costume wise to follow an American Winter Christmas theme of scarves and hats. 

Term 4 Week 5

Last week

It has been such a busy time this last week, trying to fit in the Keeping Ourselves Safe program, training for our athletics day and practicing for the year one Christmas production. I am amazed that even with all the these extras to fit in we are still progressing steadily in our reading, maths and writing.

The children have taken an interest in looking after our environment choosing to collect rubbish around our school at morning tea and lunch.

On Friday the whole school assembly hosted by our own VLC saw another L2 member receiving an ORCA award.  

We were also proud to have one of our talented writers read aloud in front of the whole school her independent writing titled "Looking after nature".

This Week

We had a Tsunami drill after lunch today (Monday). L2 did really well with following instructions and getting to Edith Hopper Park in an orderly fashion.

We will continue with the Keeping Ourselves Safe program.  Sorry there will no library this week.  The children can however return and take books out at lunch time. Today we talked about and identified our body parts.  We also talked about touching that makes us happy, unhappy and confused and how we can tell people that we don't like it. The children were encouraged to talk to a trusted adult about things that may happen to them or that they are not sure about. 

Tuesday will be our last year 1 athletics practice before our Athletics day next Tuesday 21 November 9.30am -12.30pm. 

As our part in the Christmas show is to represent America, we will be dressing up as Christmas minions, so we are looking for plain yellow t-shirts (may have a small picture on the front as we will be coving it with a bib), and denim shorts.  We are planning on covering their faces with yellow face paint, so please let us know if this is will be a problem for your child. 

Wednesday - 7pm - There will be a community meeting in the hall.  Meet the new teachers, hear the changes.  Find out about the exciting ideas for our school in 2018.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Tuesday- Keeping Ourselves Safe

Today we talked about our feelings, what makes us happy, sad, angry and scared. At home the children should discuss this with you.  We also talked about how keeping our personal information to ourselves. ie not writing our name and address on the outside of our bags.


I forgot to mention in the weekly blog that we do not have rubbish bins at school now.  The children need to take their rubbish/packaging that is not recyclable home again with them. If they don't want to put it back in their lunch box you will need to put a container in their bag.


We have a lot of children without bucket hats. The children must have hats to be outside.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Monday - Keeping Ourselves Safe


Please discuss with your child what they learnt about today.
  • Being able to say their names clearly
  • What to do when they get lost - Keep calm - Tell a responsible adult that you are lost ie shop owner- Tell them where you got lost- Give them a parents cell number.
  • Home activity is to notice features about their home so that they can described it- Learn and memorise a parents cell number.

Term 4 Week 4

Highlights from last week

Lots of excitement early on in the week with everyone buzzing about what they did for halloween or at the disco, so it was easy to see why the favourite topic of choice for writing this week was about their halloween experiences. L2's progress in writing has been steady and as such their confidence and interest in writing has grown with it. I have asked them all to bring in their Anton books, if they haven't already, so that I can glue in frequently used words for writing to learn to spell.  This enables them to spend more time on thinking about what they want to write and not how to write the words.

On Monday we studied the bones in our hand, following up with an exercise of making a x-ray of our own hands.

Wednesday afternoon we booked the bikes.  A few more grazes as we learn to persist with difficulty in order to gain sucess.

Friday a whole school assembly saw another L2 child receiving an ORCA award.

This Week

For maths we will continue to strengthen our number knowledge.

In writing we will be working towards gaining the confidence to becoming more independent writers.

In reading we will be building our strategies.  We have studied a few blends as a class and individually, so I will be sending the commonly used ones home in their Anton books.

In the afternoons this week we will be working through the "Keeping Ourself Safe" modules and practicing our songs for the Y1 Christmas show.

School wide-brim sun hats must be worn outside this term.  No caps. If your child doesn't have one on, they will have to sit in the shade next to L2 during breaks.

  Important Dates

  • Wednesday 15th November 7-8.15pm - Term 4 community meeting - Will cover teachers, class numbers and important dates for 2018
  • Monday 4 December 6-7.30pm - school community picnic
  • End of year assembly for year 1 & 2 14th December 6-7.30pm

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Term 4 Week 3

Awesome disco PFA and helpers!

The setup, decorations and organisation was impressive.  Lots of happy excited children.

Last Weeks highlights

  • Tuesday second block we had our first year 1 Athletics rotation.
  • Two of our seeds we planted have sprouted.
  • Wednesday afternoon we booked the bikes.  A few grazes but lots of smiles.
  • An interesting problem solving discussion arose from the book, The windy farm. We managed to clear up whether it was the wind that made windmills turn or whether it was windmills that made the wind.
  • Our writing is progressing in leaps and bounds. Some of the children chose to publish a recent piece of writing from their book on Friday.  Hopefully I will be able to do this with a few more chldren on Tuesday when I am on release.
  • We had our first VLC passion Friday experience. Everyone was keen to share what they had been doing.

This Week

  • Tuesday - free mufti-day for halloween.  Everyone can dress up in their favourite costume.
  • Whole school assembly this Friday.
  • All children must wear their Whangaparaoa bucket hats or stay close to their classroom in the shade during breaks. Please make sure their hats are clearly named.
  • L1 and L2 will be starting the keeping ourselves safe programme (you should have received an email or letter about it last week) in week 4.  If you have any questions or concerns about please see me.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Term 4 Week 2

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

Must have hats this week or stay in the shade!!

Last Week

We had a very productive week last week. L2 have clearly become school children. They arrived at school Monday morning ready and keen to get back to their learning.

There was a lot of interest towards our sustainability enquiry. They understood that we need to look after our planet; animals, plants, air and water. L2 is exploring how everything is interconnected and with each living thing being reliant on each other. 

We weeded and planted out one of the school gardens. Photography below is from one our (L2) students.

On Friday we started (hopefully) our own little garden seedling in a yoghurt pot.  We are waiting to see if we get a seedling and monitor its progress. We have estimated based on our experience with seed sprouting in Term 2,  that it will take about a week for them to sprout.

Here we have named and decorated the pots with a sharpie. We are filling them with play dough so that we can poke holes in them with a skewer.

On Tuesday we had our first athletics lesson focused on sprints, practicing starts and running relays with L1.  Everyone was very quiet afterwards.

Friday we also saw another L2 student receiving an ORCA award for taking ownership of learning her reading and writing. Well done!!

This Week

For the next 4 weeks on Tuesdays we will be developing for our athletics skills with the rest of the year 0/1 classes.

Passion Fridays will be back on this week.  Each VLC will also be providing an option for the children in their VLC to choose.  We are in the process of sorting out numbers, interests and choices at the moment.

Please ensure the children start school on time, especially this term with so many other things happening.  In the mornings the children are more focused for learning and thinking,  so that is when we do the activities that require the most concentration and listening. It is unsettling for the class when there are unnecessary interruptions and the child who is running late, starts their day behind the others.

Halloween disco this Friday at 6pm to 8pm.  Tickets and disco money are on sale outside the office every morning except Friday this week. Entry is $5 for the children and free for parents. 

Update Tuesday 14th Athletics was cancelled today, so we managed to complete the Keeping Ourselves Safe program. Today we talked about ...