Sunday, July 2, 2017

Term 2 Week 10

Highlights of Last week.

  • VLC Assembly on Friday. We performed the first verse of last week's poem.  We did very well. Two more of our L2 children received ORCA awards.  
  • We have been working on self managing and working quietly in our classroom so as to be respectful to others.
  • Art- experimenting with weaving, crayon and paint.
  • We critiqued the Matariki stories we have been studying.  
  • Played an interesting relay game related to volume and filling up milk bottles with water, however it proved to be a better activity for understanding how to work collaboratively and fairly with others.

This Week

We are nearly at the end of our first term at school.  This week we will be finishing off the Anton program.  Some children will continue and catch up on the letters they missed with the rest starting handwriting in their books and continuing with sounds like fun.

In art we will experiment with collage and begin to put together our individual calendar art piece. 

Monday I will be released from teaching, with Ms Bridger teaching L2 while I do assessment.

Friday will be a whole school assembly before we break for the school holidays.

Please return your sold raffle tickets and send in your recipes for the PFA.

School reports will be sent home on Friday for those children in L2 who started in weeks 1 & 2 of this term.

Things you can do with your children over the holidays

  • Read to them and listen to them read.  Go to the library.  Whangaparaoa and Orewa libraries often have special events over the holidays for the children.  They have a great selection of readers at all levels and the children love the freedom of being able to choose a selection of books and to take them home.
  • We are lucky to have lots of free activities in our area. Stanmore Bay Pool and Leisure Centre is a good place to go to swim for free for children.  The small pool is often booked out in the morning with lessons, so check first. We are lucky to also have lots of beaches and parks to choose from.
  • Motat was always a favourite in our family. Fairly low cost especially if you join for the year and always interesting activities each school holidays.
  • Play board and card games that involve matching and counting.  Play eye spy colours, numbers and letter sounds. Identify letter sounds at the beginning end and middle of words.
  • Let them help with chores and preparing meals.
Most importantly, if you can, spend time together over the holidays.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Term 2 Week 9

Highlights of last week:

  • Assembly with five of our L2  whānau up on the stage entertaining us with their ballet.
  • Bit of a low-light really, the candy floss maker broke down before everyone could get a turn and a chance to sample the change in the sugar properties.
  • Putting moko's on a partner with face paint.  There were some very interesting designs.
  • Experimenting with sand and water to measure the volume or capacity of containers.
  • VLC ball skills was cancelled due to the weather but instead we rotated around our VLC classrooms with 15 minutes in each doing activities of choice, music and art.

This week:

All the L2 children are now at school. We will be focusing on social skills and what is needed for all of us feel we belong and to achieve our goals at school. We will be guided by our ORCA values.
Some children have finished taking letters home to practice in their Anton book.  We are still continuing with Anton in class and starting Sounds Like Fun. Things they can practice at home are reading their readers and writing/reading their sight words.  Board games like snakes and ladders, eye spy by sound and letter, and recognising letters and numbers in your environment are fun ways you can practice at home.  But remember that they have been working hard all day.  Rest and reflection about what they liked best about their day and what they liked least goes a long way to supporting their learning.

We will continue with exploring Māori art and designs, techniques and using different media's. This week we will look at weaving and dye on crayon.  I am hoping that we will be able to compile a mixed media piece for our calendar art.

We will be critiquing our matariki stories this week by giving them a thumbs up, even or down and discussing our reasoning behind our choices.

We will have another VLC assembly this week.  Each Friday we will be working together with our VLC group; either having an assembly, sports or activity rotation.

Put this date on your Calendar:)


  • School cookbook- don't forget to send in your recipes
  • Raffle tickets to raise money for upgrading our play ground.  They are only $2 and you could win a trip for two to Rarotonga, two nights at the Langham or a night out at the Manly Bar and Grill.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Term 2 Week 8

We are really enjoying the Matariki stories.   There are so many ideas surrounding their appearance marking the Māori new year. Ask your child which story is their favourite. On Friday we made telescopes depicting the Matariki constellation.

Friday morning we also had our first VLC (Vertical Learning Community) assembly. We will be coming together fortnightly to celebrate, waiata and share achievements.

Congratulations to the the children who received ORCA awards last week.

We summarised our study of the concept of measuring area last week with a collaborative exercise, to make enough feathers to cover the area of Gecko's korowai, which is now on our wall.

My apologies to the parents who had difficulty removing our failed flubber from school uniforms.

Looking forward to next week.

  • In maths, we begin looking at concepts of measuring volume or  capacity.
  • We will continue with finding out about Matariki; stories and the cultural celebrations people have during the Māori new year.
  • Inquiry - How is Candy Floss made?
  • Whole school assembly Friday afternoon.
  • We will be doing VLC rotation PE again this Friday.


  • A notice was sent out in the children's book bags last week.  We really need your favourite recipes for our whangaparaoa cookbook.  Please send them in to

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Term 2 Week 7

We had a couple of wonderful PE sessions last week.  Our bike session on Wednesday ended with lots of smiling faces.  It was great to see how supportive the children were to each other and how they persevered learning to overcome difficulties. 

On Friday morning we joined up with the other classes in our Vertical Learning Community (VLC) to participate in 15min sessions of Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Dodgeball. I'm sure the children will have told you about how much fun it was.


This week we will be making flubber or Slime.


Measurement - we will continue with the concept of area.


We were unable to visit the library last week as it was closed but some of the children have been going to the library at lunch times to swap their books. 

We continue with looking at Matariki stories this week.

Art Calendars

The PFA will be doing the calendar art fundraiser this year.  It will need to be an original new art piece created by each child. You have the option of bringing in a piece from home if you wish.  I haven't quite decided what we could do for our calendars. We have some very talented artists in our class.  

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Term 2 Week 6

Term 2 - Week 6

Hope you had an enjoyable long weekend! This week we welcome 3 children to our L2  whānau.

It was a bit of a crazy end to our week last week being cooped up inside most of the day due to the weather.  We also had to cancel our planned PE ball activities with the other classrooms of our vertical learning community. However we still managed to catch up on our Anton letter for Thursday, document our colour changing flowers, experiment with some bubble art, complete our poem for the week and have a bit of a ballet and singing jam session at lunchtime. 

Highlight of the week I think was learning to use the bikes.  Thanks Mr Steel!

Short week this week. We will be working on learning how to be part of a community using our ORCA values to guide us.


We will continue looking at stories about Matariki and begin some activities to support what we are learning about.


Whole class- will be investigating concepts of measurement covering area and continuing with number knowledge. 
I have completed assessment as to what number knowledge the children have and will start instructing small groups to extend their level of understanding this week.
Home support: Eye spy numbers in your environment. Counting backwards and forwards. Talk about one more or one less.


Puff paint.  


Home support: Encourage them to look a the pictures first for clues, and then point to the words (looking at the words) as they say each word.
If they have sight words help them practice them.  No more than 3 they can't read a night.  You be the judge, but we want them to feel confident and capable as a learner.


We completed our first two pieces of individual writing last week. The process for us is to:
  • have an idea
  • share the idea
  • draw the idea
  • share the idea as a sentence
Expectations are differentiated for each child but we are learning to:
Start a sentence with a capital and finish with a full stop; Words are made up of letters and separated by a space; Letters represent sounds that we put together as words; Tracking, left to right and next line; Writing on the line; Use words we already know how to write.

Whole school assembly this Friday.

Remember we are learning so much every day and your positive feedback gives us a lot of encouragement to keep trying.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Term 2 Week 5

What a busy week we had last week! 


Our enquiry choice for last week was to investigate how popping corn becomes popcorn.  On friday we documented the process in our enquiry books.  Ask your child what causes popcorn to pop.


We have just completed an enlightening study of concepts of height and length lead by the children's ideas. We now know how many units tall we are from our homemade tape measures which we also used to measure a few other items in the classroom.
This week we will be  finding ways to compare and measure area as we continue to extend our understanding of time through our daily calendar maths and the timing of our school routines and activities.


We are still working our way through the Anton program in order to recognise letters, how they are formed and the sounds they represent in words.  Everyone is bringing home the letter they have been learning and practicing to write, to revise.

Library day is Thursday.  Please ensure last weeks book is in their book bag on Thursday in order to get another book out.

Over the next month we will be learning about the stories and the ways matariki (the Maori new year) is celebrated.

Photolife photos on Monday morning.  L2 is first on Monday morning.

We have had mixup's with clothing and shoes.  Please check the labels.  L2 have been asked to store shoes and jumpers in the cupboard of our cloak room. The Office also has lost property outside their door.

Whole school assembly this Friday 2.20pm.

This Wednesday 31 May 6.30 - 7pm in the school staff room there will be a parent evening with a presentation from NetSafe. The purpose of this evening is to help parents with aspects of keeping students safe on line.

Term 2 Week 10 Highlights of Last week. VLC Assembly on Friday. We performed the first verse of last week's poem.  We did very w...